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About the Restaurant

Exotic Thai arrived in Davenport in 2002, and the Quad Cities were ready for ET’s mind-blowing flavors and lovely atmosphere. That restaurant immediately became a popular dining spot. So popular, in fact, that a Moline location soon followed.

More than 15 years later, Exotic Thai’s consistently excellent level of quality food, service, and dedication to authentic Thai cuisine has made it a much loved Quad Cities favorite.

An extensive and varied menu ensures that every guest can find something to fall in love with. Creative new specialty dishes are regularly updated for those who want to try something new.


About Exotic Thai

The Exotic Thai restaurants have always been a family affair.

As a child, Mun learned from her grandmother kitchen skills, traditional recipes, and a sense of how complex flavors should be balanced. Mun's father Yen came to America in the early 90s, and began his own career in the Thai restaurant business. When Mun followed him later, he taught her how a professional kitchen operated, and how the classic dishes of Thailand can be produced commercially, but still maintain, and reflect the spirit of the Thai culture. Today, Mun's brother Jay has partnered with Mun and contributes his extensive experience in many styles of Asian cuisine and restaurant operational techniques.

Now, many cultures and experiences are represented in the Exotic Thai family, from Nepalese, Karen hill tribes, Thai, Laotian, Vietnamese and American!

The diverse backgrounds, ideas and experiences of the different people employed here is our source of energy and vitality.

A sense of Family is just as important in the Thai restaurant business, as it is everywhere else. Like many other cultures, the preparing and serving the traditional cuisine fundamentally represents what it means to be home, with family and friends.

ExoticThai Restaurant

Meet Mun

Mun Luangruang learned the art of preparing Thai food at an early age. Her family owned a rice mill, and farmers would sometimes have to stay overnight with the family while waiting for their rice to be milled. Mun was responsible for organizing and cooking meals, and her grandmother taught her the art of quickly and efficiently preparing dishes from the different styles of Thai cuisine for groups of hungry customers and employees.

That experience was invaluable when she came to America and got involved in Thai restaurants. As the owner of the Exotic Thai restaurants, their creative visionary, and often their head chef, her philosophy is to "bring people together, with Thai food". Meals should be the most special part of the day, when delicious flavors provide a temporary respite from the cares of the world.

Mun is proud of her heritage, and is happy that the Exotic Thai restaurants allow her to connect to her roots while sharing her passion for Thai food and culture with the many wonderful people who come to visit and dine every day.

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